Slave (new version)

Slave is one of the first songs I wrote/ produced as Ramsey. It was also one of my first releases, and one of the most important songs (to me) in my catalogue. Naturally, I played it on repeat for a good 6 - 8 months after releasing it, and started hearing and feeling different layers and textures that weren't quite represented in the song. I had to stop listening to it at that point.. as I was obsessing over what I knew it "could" be.. as opposed to what it was. With any other song that had already been released I wouldn't normally do this, but I decided I would eventually  re-record it and be able to get it to where I needed it to be, which was reassuring to the perfectionist in me. 

 However, I got busy writing other material, and didn't get around to 'slave' until late last year.  I was finishing off recording Cold, finalizing The Art of Survival EP and conceptualizing the artwork and videos for it, when it occurred to me that Slave was the perfect prequel for this new body of work.   I knew then that I could finally finish Slave the way I wanted and release it in a way that made sense in the bigger picture.  

 Over the years since writing Slave, I developed very specific ideas as to what changes I wanted to make to the song and had also created a detailed storyboard for an eventual video.  As an aside, you have to understand that I write down EVERYTHING I think about.  So, when it came time to doing the video, I had all these random notes, little drawings and mood boards. Fortunately, I was able to work with James Mountford who I knew well and he understood not only my scattered notes but the underlying vibe I was going for. 

 And so we made a video for Slave, just in time for Valentine’s day!

Rebecca Ramsey