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Written, Performed and Produced By Ramsey

Additional Production by Darryl Swan

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Glaus Haus Studios by Eric Hart

Copyright Ramsey Sound

Video Directed by James Mountford

Copyright Ramsey Sound Inc.


Apart from a few postings on Instagram, I have not shared a lot with anyone, but that changes today.

 For the last year I have been writing and recording new music, developing a live show and creating new visuals to support it all.  I remember embarking on this journey last year right about this time and when I looked up, almost a year had passed. I have dozens upon dozens of new songs and while each of them is a chapter, in hindsight I see that there is a story line that developed that I must continue. 

The first grouping of music is called “The Art of Survival” and it will contain seven songs which will be released one at a time starting in February.  This Christmas however, I decided on releasing a cover, which is something I wouldn’t do  normally, but things just happened and it seemed like a funny idea, even if I'm the only one who gets the joke ;).  I got a call from Eric Hart, a producer that has been collaborating with me and mixing and mastering my music, asking if I would like to sing on a cover for a project he was involved in.  I was ready to say no when he told me it would be a song by The Cure. I really love The Cure and Robert Smith is such a brilliant writer and singer that I went from excitement to fear really quickly.  For those who know me, fear is actually a great motivator of mine so of course I said yes and went about recording it.  After it was done and the producer was happy, he was kind enough to let me work on it some more to create my own remix of the song  and release that version, which I put up on Christmas Eve. 

Cold is actually a great segue into the Art of Survival as the song profoundly resonated with me.  I have this dream where I meet Robert Smith and I finally get the nerve to ask him if he liked my cover of his song, but I keep waking up before he answers.  (I’m so happy they’re getting into the Rock and Roll hall of fame!)  Anyways, once we finished recording Cold, I set about creating a video for it and as soon as we get the rights cleared for it from Universal Music I hope to put it up, so that might happen soon, we shall see.  

 I have to say, that much to my surprise, I am really liking the process of creating visuals to illustrate the songs. I still prefer to be an ‘actress’ in some of my videos and photos rather than making them about me and found a team of creatives that allow for this process to unfold organically.  I loved being involved and learning more about a process that was really foreign and somewhat challenging to me at first, but now I find myself navigating through it with more confidence so expect a lot more content soon.

 The next song, and first one on The Art of Survival, is Slave.  I released Slave a while ago but it was never finished the way I wanted. Normally I would just let it be but this song was too important to me to not be what I knew it could be..  and so I re-cut vocals and  made the changes I felt the song needed and realized it was the next thing to be put up. I will start sharing the video and artwork soon.

 I will continue to post updates on things here and maybe I might even get around to creating a newsletter of some sort.  Stay tuned.


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